DIY Self-Therapy

Welcome to DIY Self-Therapy!

At DIY Self-Therapy, you learn self-therapy skills and self-help for anxiety, depression, and life’s rough patches.  Many of these skills and resources draw from cognitive behavioral therapy, acceptance & commitment therapy, and dialectical behavior therapy, as well as from years of being a therapist, the education that entailed, my life experiences, and the wisdom of others.

DIY Self-Therapy can be a good first step when you aren’t sure what to do, when you’re having a hard time, or if you’re not sure you’re ready for therapy.  Or it can help you reinforce skills and techniques you’ve learned or are learning in therapy. Whatever your situation, self-therapy is convenient, flexible, and custom made for you, by you.  It’s the most important DIY project you can do.

If you don’t feel better after trying self-therapy, or you feel worse, please talk to a therapist or your doctor.

*If you are in crisis, check out our crisis page.