“Bad Things Keep Happening to Me”

There are times in life when it feels like one misfortune after another keeps coming your way. You might say or think thoughts like, “Life keeps knocking me down” or “Life keeps kicking me in the teeth” or “Bad things keep happening to me.” These thoughts may seem like simple, unfortunate, and unalterable truths, and they are unfortunate, but they are not simple or unalterable.  You can learn how to cope with stress during hard times that feel like they just keep piling up and burying you.


It can feel true to think or say things like “Life keeps knocking me down” or “Bad things keep happening to me.”  But other–better–things can be true, too.

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The Big List of 100+ Coping Skills for Anxiety, Depression, Anger, Stress, & More

Use these easy 100+ coping skills for anxiety, depression, anger, stress, and more to help you stop a meltdown, reverse a downward spiral, or prevent an explosion.  These coping skills can help quiet your mind and your body to help you find a calmer place in yourself and climb back toward the light.  Read and click through (recommendations are in the links) and try what interests you.  Use what works and ignore the rest.  Then feel free to print this list or copy your favorite ideas on sticky notes and post them where you’ll see them when you need them. Continue reading “The Big List of 100+ Coping Skills for Anxiety, Depression, Anger, Stress, & More”

The Big List of Coping Statements for Stress, Grief, Anxiety, Depression, and More

Coping statements are positive and true statements used to replace the negative and untrue thoughts that take over when you feel anxious, depressed, stressed, angry, or when facing other distressing or overwhelming situations. For example- Replace “I can’t take it anymore” with “I’m doing it. I can handle this.”  Use this huge list to find coping statements for stress, anxiety, depression, grief, phobias, anxiety, disordered eating, anger, and more.


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Mind Over Mood: Change How You Feel by Changing the Way You Think – Book Review

Mind Over Mood is one of those rare books that can change your life in profound ways.  Written by clinical psychologists with decades of experience, Mind Over Mood relates the wisdom of cognitive behavioral therapy in the form of an easy to understand manual full of simple and powerful steps.  Powerful baby steps are the best!

(Going with the baby theme, Mind Over Mood can be shortened to MOM, and it can be the official CBT Mom because it’s just that awesome.  Just sayin’.)



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Self Help for Depression – How to Deal with Depression

If you are here, you likely suspect you are depressed or know someone who is.  You may have been diagnosed by a professional in the past or you might have scored higher than you expected on a depression quiz.  And now you’re here reading about self-therapy for depression, and I want to help. Just know that there are no quick fixes. I don’t have magic beans to give you, but we can certainly plant some seeds.


While evidence shows that self-therapy for depression can improve mood and functioning in mild and moderate depression, if you are seriously depressed please seek professional help.  (Resources are provided at the end of this article.) If you are in crisis, please see our crisis resources.  Please take care of you.




Unfortunately, depression comes with a built-in catch-22. It takes effort and energy to deal with depression, but depression saps your energy and motivation. How unfair, right?

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“Am I Depressed?” – Quiz & Depression Symptoms

Do you ever ask yourself, “Am I depressed?  Or am I just sad?  Numb?  Angry?”  You might want to take a depression quiz, but are overwhelmed by the varied selection online and are unsure which is the best “Am I depressed?” quiz to take.  The catchy ones where you pick an animal and a color are fun and all but don’t really give you the information you’re looking for.


To get an actual diagnosis for depression you will need to talk to a mental health professional and they will do an evaluation and an assessment to see if you meet the criteria for a depressive disorder. Some of the symptoms of depression include the following:

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