How to be Mindful in Everyday Life

Mindfulness has been shown to decrease symptoms of anxiety, depression, and other distress. Anyone can learn how to be mindful in everyday life, but perhaps it is easier for children.  So we’re going to start where my children started, just for kicks.  Bear with me while I tell you a short story about an even shorter story. Then read on to learn how to be mindful in everyday life.

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5 Best Books to Learn How to Stop Overeating Once and for All

fter much research and reading, five books for overeating stand out above the rest. They range from being heavily skills-based and pragmatic to emotion-focused and holistic, so chances are good you’ll find the book you need to learn how to stop overeating once and for all.

If you’re looking for calorie counting, food restrictions, and diet plans, you need a different list of books. But maybe you’re here because you’ve already tried those books and they haven’t worked. It might be time for something different.


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How to Say No and Set Boundaries

How to say no and set boundariesLearning how to say no and set boundaries will help you to protect and nurture yourself.  Saying yes when you really need to say no can cause stress, burnout, bitterness, and resentment.  If you are drained, have other plans, or just don’t want to say yes, you can learn how to say no without being steamrolled or intimidated.

Saying no is appropriate when it keeps you from stretching yourself too thin or protects your own time.  Unless your sole reason for saying no is that you despise helping people, then saying no is NOT selfish.  Learn how to say no and set boundaries for your own personal wellness, because you are worth it.

How to Say No Like You Mean It

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Learn How to Get to Sleep Easily

Learn how to get to sleep easily with some simple techniques.  Sleep is crucial to our health, but many people never learned or have forgotten how to get to sleep with minimal detours, and as a result don’t feel rested and aren’t as healthy as they can be.  Different sleep tips will work differently, so experiment and see what works for you.


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Self Care Activities for Adults

Practicing self-care can feel overwhelming and undeserved, but if you break it down into smaller pieces, it’s easier to manage.  Self-care is the foundation for healing and wellness, and you can practice by taking the time to do simple self-care activities that nurture your physical, emotional, and spiritual self — learning how to take care of yourself.  Treat yourself as you would a dear friend.  You deserve it!

Examples of Physical Self-Care

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