Top 5 Best Free Self-Esteem Therapy Worksheets

Do you have confidence in your own worth and abilities, or do you have low self-esteem?  Low self- esteem can both contribute to depression and anxiety, as well as be caused by depression and anxiety.  They are close companions.  You can use free self-esteem therapy worksheets as part of your self-therapy to increase your self-esteem and self-confidence, boosting your overall mental health.

We’ve collected some of the best free self-esteem therapy worksheets out there, and you can find them all here.   These worksheets are to be used for therapy purposes only, not for commercial reasons.  (So don’t make a bunch of copies and sell them at your next yard sale, mkay?)



With this positive journaling worksheet, you will record three daily questions about your good qualities, small or large successes, and positive experiences. This worksheet is straight-forward and simple, and the prompts are thought-provoking.

Click here for your free Self-Esteem Journal worksheet.

Some self-esteem therapy worksheets encourage you to think about your strengths and natural resources as you fill them out.  Then you can save the completed self-esteem worksheet and read it as many times as you need to in the future to boost your self-esteem.

Get your free “Toot Your Own Horn” self-esteem worksheets here.

If you have a hard time seeing the good in yourself, this self-esteem therapy worksheet might be just what you need. Circle your own positive traits, think of times you have displayed these traits, and then stick it on the fridge or your bathroom mirror to remind yourself of your positive qualities.

Click here to download your free “Positive Traits” self-esteem worksheets.

It is difficult to have high self-esteem when you have no love or admiration for yourself.  Take some time filling out this self-esteem therapy worksheet to help you boost your self-esteem and self-confidence.

Click here for your free “Love & Admire Me” Self-Esteem Therapy Worksheet.


To begin building a positive self-image and increase your self-esteem, download and fill out this self-esteem therapy worksheet.  Then review it regularly and add new qualities as you think of them.  This can really help you to view yourself in a more positive light.

Download your free “My Strengths and Qualities” self-esteem worksheets here.


Please also consider taking a look at this self-esteem workbook, which despite its title is excellent for all ages! Full review of it to come at a later date.


I hope you find these self-esteem therapy worksheets and workbook to be helpful on your journey to better self-esteem!

You’re worth it!

How would you rate your self-esteem on a scale of 1-10?  (10 is the highest self-esteem).  Comment below!


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  1. I prefer the 3 and 5 although all of them are pretty good and can be useful. I like the third more though. Do you have any specific advice for that one? Not that it’s not clear just in case you have any tips.

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